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I would like to put in another request for this.

I also put in some requests for stuff like this at:


They got back to me and said they would put my requests on their todo list. If you haven't seen the site yet, they haven't got a whole lot of the recipes done yet but they defiantly have a bunch planed I'm looking forward to reading.


On May 22, 2006, at 11:24 AM, Rocky Burt wrote:

I'm currently working my way through learning formlib and came across
subpages which I can't seem to figure out.  Would someone mind
describing to me how subpages work in formlib or send me a link to some
good docs or a good example?

To express my use-case, I have a default view for my content type mapped
as index.html (it extends form.DisplayForm).  On that view I currently
display all of the relevant data regarding my content object which is
the context. What I would like to do is add a sub-form to that page for
quickly adding child objects so that the user doesn't have to click to
another tab or something similar to add their content.  Basically a
shortcut add form.  This *seems* like where subpages might come into
play, but alas I do not understand subpages.

But perhaps I'm looking down the wrong hole?  Maybe there's a better
solution to my problem? (regardless if there is a better solution, I'd
still like to understand formlib subpages).

- Rocky

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