Tom Dossis wrote:

I am relatively new to Zope3. I could not find anywhere an example,
what is the 'right way' to make non-owning reference to another
object in Zope? Every piece of zope3 docs is full of examples of
containers, this makes a good tree like structure. But how to refer
from one object to another in right way? Can/should I do that with
Object field?

One offering is zc.extrinsicreference ...

I'm not aware of any zope.schema / FieldProperty stuff to do this; it
would be pretty useful though.
Thanks! I have also found a references library in 'schooltool' project. It seems to be similar to RDF and adapts any Annotatable object. But I'm looking for something more straightforward - both approaches (extrinct and schooltool) seem to be too complex and not pythonic...

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