David Johnson wrote:
> I have a content object, that I want to return a view.  How is this
> done?

It usually isn't.

> This situation seems to come up frequently for me.  What do you
> do?

Content objects are usually dull. The only thing they do is store data.
If you're using ZODB persistency, then a content object can be two lines
of code:

class MyContent(persistent.Persistent):

In particular, content objects often have no methods and they definitely
don't deal with the request. This is left to views. So, somethign in
your app needs to deal with a request, write a view.

> In this case, the content object is a fax.  The fax will include browser
> views as part of it's body.

That seems like a backward approach. The fax body will probably be
rendered using other views. The body rendering view should pull in other
views. Not the fax object itself.

> I tried zapi.getView(), but this has been deprecated, and I don't quite
> understand the best approach.

Don't mix storage and presentation :).


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