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I am creating a kind of Zope proxy to a 3rd party COM object (I'm accessing it using Pywin32 facilities). I have to store a reference to this object somewhere in my Zope object. But, for obvious reasons, this COM object cannot be serialized so I cannot put it in any attribute of my Zope object. On the other side, initialisation of the object on each request is too time&cost-consuming.

With my still somewhat limited Zope knowledge, I would say it sounds like you should have a look at utilities.


Do you mean: Global Utilities?
Then I have a question: global utility is not persistent. But can the G.U. create the object, return it to the local object (some container), and local object inserts it somewhere into it? In other words: can this global utility serve as factory of objects which then are added to a container and persisted? Sorry for such a naive question... I still cannot feel fully Zope's persistence mechanism...

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