On Wednesday 29 March 2006 05:46, Marco Mariani wrote:
> The custom widget will then render all the tree in a javascript object
> (dictionary of dictionaries of dictionaries) which will fill and change
> the dropdown menus accordingly. As an improvement, the tree nodes can be
> retrieved by XmlHttp
> Before hitting my head too hard, is this doable?


> Is it possible to avoid the bunch of javascript by having the widget
> re-submit itself at each menu selection? For instance, I select the
> state, the form resubmits and gives me the choice of cities. How can I
> tell the first two <select> tags to reload the page? Is it enough to
> attach an onchange event that calls submit() ?

With formlib you have great control over widget and action handling. However, 
in this case I would suggest doing the JS. It is the cleaner way too.

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