Stephan Richter wrote:
> The code looks good. Are you really sure IMarker is not provided? Maybe
> another piece of code calls directlyProvides(), which would override this
> call. You should pretty much always use alsoProvides, since it does not
> delete the existing directly provided interfaces.

well... there was a follow-up on this thread...
it seems like (if the object doesnt provide ILocation), the marker
interfaces are not attached to the object itself, but to a ContainedProxy
object which wraps the real object, and that makes problems with the
introspector... for all the details see my post from 2006-05-29, the
relevant parts are:

----- luis wrote:

well... I'm not sure but it seems not to be a bug in ContainedProxy, but
just a "display bug" in the  @@introspector.html...
so, the IMarker is provided by the file, but in a "different" way.. so I
think the introspector is just not showing it correctly...
if I add a File w/ ILocation, it doesnt go into the ContainedProxy and the
introspector shows the directlyProvided intefaces correctly...


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