On Monday 15 May 2006 15:36, Paul Everitt wrote:
> Hi all.  I did a couple of screencasts for Zope 3:
>    http://zeapartners.org/scl/2006/04/25/z3-install/index.html
>    http://zeapartners.org/scl/2006/04/25/z3-helloworld/index.html
> The first one is primarily a way for me to remember how to get stuff
> running on Windows. :^)

Hey Paul, I meant to respond for a while to this mail. I really love the 
screencasts. They truly capture the simplest case possible!

> On the second, I worked with Joel Moxley through a couple of iterations
> of refinement.  I was trying to get as quickly as possible to pixels on
> the screen, not showing the "clean" way but showing the fast way,
> requiring as few new ideas as possible.  Kind of the "see, it's not so
> scary" screencast.

Right, I think you totally succeeded!

> The plan is to do a 3rd one, actually showing something cool about Zope 3.
> I'd like to stick to the philosophy of short walkthroughs, not too many
> new concepts at once, little chance that the viewers can screw up doing
> it themselves, etc.  "Dive into Python" is pretty good about this...for
> example, classes don't appear until chapter five.
> However, I'd like the next step to get closer to the real differentiator
> of Zope 3 vs. other frameworks.
> Any suggestions for a storyboard?

I think I would do a view class next that shows how you can prepare data for 
output in a page template. For example, show all contents of a container + 
some meta data (maybe). To spice things up, you could use zc.table here to 
create a formatted table, which is cool too.

From there you can dive into formlib, which is really a Zope 3 power package.

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