Thanks Tarek,
 in fact I just need a simple thing:
 the user upload a text file which I then parse and update a database. I also 
need to let the user upload images which I then put in a folder (this will 
probably be done with ftp).
 So my main concern is to let the user upload text files, which I don't need to 
save. I'm sure I only need a simple thing to do but I don't know the 
techniques. Also if there's no simple way in ajax, I don't mind going another 
way, I still need to know how to do it though.

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Stéphane Brault wrote:

>Thanks Stephan,
>  could you indicate me another way to upload files ?
>  Stéphane
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>On Tuesday 30 May 2006 09:30, Stéphane Brault wrote:
>> for my application I mainly use sqlos and jsonserver, which means that I
>>don't use much standard Zope components, I need to let users upload a file
>>which I parse to update the database. I don't see how to upload files with
>>AJAX. Is there a way or should I go another way. I must say I don't know
>>how to do it the standard way.
>While I hate AJAX with a passion, you could certainly do this. If JS has a way 
>to access a local file once it has been selected, then you can use the 
>XmlHttpRequest class to PUT the file on the server, for example. I certainly 
>would not use JSON for this task.
You cannot upload file directly in javascript, because it can't reach
the file system to get the file (it's all about security)

the recipe is to use an IFrame in your form, to get back the hand into
the client,
then do what you need to do on client side while your file is beeing

What your precise use case ?


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