Stephan Richter wrote:

The point is that I am not interesting in supporting the ZMI at all. I have no use for users or developers to ever use the ZMI. In fact, basing my skin on the ZMI is bad because it provides all those URLs I (a) do not have control over -- thus being a security risk, and (b) are not needed and make the system slower.

This is stupid.

One of the big wins for Zope 3 was that you were supposed to be able to re-use UI code without having to write it all from scratch.

The ZMI has a lot of widgets that people should want to re-use (generically: tree controls, file widgets, directory listings, etc, specifically: forms and configuration for the "generic" parts of zope)

It sounds like you're advocating writing every bit of UI from scratch, as you have to in Zope 2 due to the hard-coded nature of the ZMI, but I'm hoping I'm mistaken...

Am I?


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