Thanks a lot indeed,  Mats and Pete,  both suggestions are fine. :)
I think these would make a nice recipe at

  Miklós Prisznyák
   Principal Consultant, owner

2006/6/7, James Taylor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
It's also possible to just build your own login page, and associate it
with a particular content object interface.  I routinely build a
simple Folder derivative for my own site like class SiteBase(Folder),
so that it implements an interface that I can put a view in front of
by letting my for="" way you can set
up your own login form to be associated with your particular site base
object, if you don't want the login page to have to service logins for
the whole of your zope3 instance, but just a particular subsite.


On 6/7/06, mats.nordgren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Miklos,
> You should be able to customize the form '' from
>  In the session credentials plugin you can
> then specify the new login form name.
> Cheers,
> Mats
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