I've tried. I've failed. I've searched for a few hours now trying to determine what things like ++etc++, ++resource++, @@contents.html, but as with all things Zope, I need to know the answer before I can ask the question. The best I can come up with is that they have something to do with traversals and views but I cannot find a section of the FAQ's or Book to explain them.

Along the way I've also found: zope3-url-notation-styles, redirects, namespaces, traversal adapters.

Failing to find a clear explanation, I only see a ways for Zope3-based sites to:

1. Be toyed with by the user.
2. Fall out of search engines.
3. Break existing links.
4. Fail the over-the-phone test of URl's...

I intuit that "traversal adapters" have something to do with behavior or perhaps existence of these but not for sure.

I guess it comes down to: is the Zope3 feature something that the general public will ever see? (Or can be blocked from seeing?)

Plus, if I can stop worrying, what wonderful things do they do for me? I highly suggest someone put something in the FAQ about these.


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