Piotr Chamera wrote:
> I am just working on similar code. I'm beginner in zope and python, so I
> post this code for improvements from other users. I have defined
> simple "factory" for my vocabularies (root folder is hardvired in the
> code, it gets subfolder by name and creates title from given attribute).
> """
> from zope.schema.vocabulary import SimpleVocabulary, SimpleTerm
> from zope.app import zapi
> from zope.proxy import removeAllProxies
> def getVocabulary(context, items_container, title_field):
>     list = []
>     root=zapi.getRoot(context)
>     for (oid, oobj) in root.get("books").get(items_container).items():
>         obj = removeAllProxies(oobj)

Don't remove (security) proxies here! You're totally disabling security
with this.

>         list.append( SimpleTerm( obj, str(obj.__dict__[title_field]),
>                                  obj.__dict__[title_field]))

This spelling is very awkward. It's probably also the reason why you
wanted to remove proxies above. You should write this as:

  list.append(SimpleTerm(obj, getattr(obj, title_field),
                         getattr(obj, title_field)))

>     return SimpleVocabulary( list )


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