Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
2. Fall out of search engines.
Search engines don't particularly like weird characters in urls.

@ and + are not "weird" characters in URLs. They're allowed by the spec
and I'd be surprised if they actually are a problem. So far, this is all

Actually, no. I've had customers insist on these characters (and infact, using - instead of _ between words in urls) because they want to be certain a that Google will index the words in the url. Now, I don't know how pagerank works (funny that!) but in this instance, I'm happy to run with whatever the customer wants...

The same way you produce a Zope 2 app: make sure view names and content
names don't clash and you're all set.

Indeed. Just as long as it's possible and doesn't involve too much hoop jumping ;-)


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