Am Samstag, 17. Juni 2006 10:38 schrieb Achim Domma:
> Hi,
> I have a workspace object, which I initialize in the
> IObjectCreatedEvent. I try to add a catalog with an index like this:
> ensureUtility(workspace,,'',IntIds,asObjec
> catalog=ensureUtility(workspace,,'',Cat
>alog,asObject=True) catalog["tmp"]=CategoryIndex()
> workspace derives from Folder and is already a Site at this point. The
> last line causes the following error:
> ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass
>>, '')
> If I remove the line, it works fine. I can see the Catalog in my
> Workspace and can add the CategoryIndex without problem!?
> Seems like I'm missing something in the setup of the IIntIds utility,
> but I have no idea what it is.

I assume that you have made workspace a site before? How does that code look 
like? Do you have this expression:


Without that expression I used to have the same error.


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