Daniel Roberson wrote:
> I am new at this but I have been unable to get Zope 3 to run correctly
> from the internet or from another computer
> on my internal network.
> I downloaded Python 2.4.0 and installed it.

Note that at least Python 2.4.1 is required. I recommend the latest
revision of Python 2.4, which IIRC is 2.4.3.

> OK, got it running with no error on port 9090 as an HTTP server on
> localhost.
> Ran the http://localhost:9090/manage command in the browser and I was
> connected at least on the computer it is installed on.
> Now the problem.      1.  Cannot access the ZOPE 3 server from the
> internet or from a different machine on the internal network.

Check your firewall settings on the Windows machine. It's probably not
allowing any connections from the outside.

>       2.  Cannot run as a Windows Service.

Sorry, am not a Windows user.


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