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Thierry FLORAC wrote:

While using Zope2, I used to "split" my ZODB into several parts, using
the "old" DBTab product configuration (which was finally included into
Can I setup this kind of configuration with Zope3 and, if so, how ?

It's all ZODB, I would hope Zope 3's zope.conf would allow this in the
same way that Zope 2 does...

Actually, DBTab and Zope 2 used to monkey patch the ZODB to allow mount
points. The ZODB has recently grown this feature itself and IIRC Zope 2
was fixed (by Theuni?) to use this functionality now. I don't think Zope
3's zope.conf exposes it yet, though.

Yes, it does.  You can have multiple database sections
and database sections can now have a name.  The databases
are registered as utilities and participate in a ZODB multidatabase.
The first database defined is used as the root database.

Zope 3 doesn't support mounting, but the same functionality
is mostly trivially obtained using the ZODB multi-database APIs.


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