Just try again, I have no problems with encrypted passwords
(I am however using SHA-passwords, i. e. option 3).

As the result of your makeinstance call with say with instance
directory foo you get a principals file foo/etc/principals.zcml
There you will find an entry matching your username/password
combination, something like


You can comment out this entry with
  <!-- principal
       / -->

and replace it with a different entry, try calling


answer the question, you will get a new 

  <principal .../>

that you can cut/copy&paste to your principals.zcml file,
then just restart Zope


On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 06:24:04PM -0400, Daniel Roberson wrote:
> After installing zope and python, I then changed to scripts directory.  
> I then ran mkzopeinstance and created the
> instance.  I had to tell it the instance directory to create and a 
> username and password.  It then asked if
> I wanted the password in text or encrypted format.  I selected number 2 
> encrypted option.
> When I when to the browser the entered the http://localhost:8080/manage 
> command it popped open the
> username and password dialog box.  I enter the correct username and 
> password but it would not log me on.
> I repeated the whole mkzopeinstance process but this time select a plain 
> text password option number 1.
> Then I was able to log in.
> What do I need to do to be able to use an encrypted password with a 
> browser????
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