I want to write a form using the common pattern Master-Slave where there are some fields related to a master object and then a subform (the slave) with a tabular view of the children of that objet. Something similar to:

Personal Information

Name: [___________]
Age:  [___________]

| Name | Cellphone | City |
| Mary | 000000000 | NY   |
| Pete | 111111111 | LA   |

As you can see we have two content objects: Person and Friend where a person has two attributes (name and age) and friend has three attributes (name, cellphone and city).

First question:

- If I want to write a form with a master-slave sort of functionality how should I define my content types?:

  a) Person is a container that can contains objects of type Friend

b) Person has a list attribute where I can add/remove objects of type Friend using a specific API

Second question:

- Can I write a subform with the Friends tabular view and reuse that form in other places, not just in the Person edit form? The minimun functionality this subform should have would be adding, removing and editing objects of type Friend. Sorting them by columns or filtering would be added in the future.

Any tip about how to do this using formlib would be appreciated. I have used it for simple content types and I like it a lot.

Thanks in advance

Lorenzo Gil
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