On Jul 10, 2006, at 9:42 PM, Pete Taylor wrote:

Still, I'll look at it again, and at the zc.relation module that David
mentioned earlier, and see if there's already work that's been done in
this area.

zc.relationship. :-) Slog through it: the relationship index is an engine that could do the heavy lifting for what I understand you want from a quick read of your blog.

A nice "intro to zc.relationship" blog entry or doctest would be a much-appreciated contribution, btw. The current README is a bit overwhelming.


I don't know about schooltool's relationship stuff--I can't use it because of licensing, so didn't look at it. It may or may not be able to do what you are looking for too.

Finally, don't forget Jim's lament: he builds a nice object database, with direct pointers, speed, and nice clear Pythonic spelling, and we go off and build extrinsic relationship stuff that makes the ODB try to be a second-class RDB. :-) Sometimes it makes sense, when both sides of a relationship are extrinsic to the objects involved, but other times it's nice to remember that a direct Python reference is the simplest way to make an intrinsic relationship. Jim built the nice-n-simple zc.extrinsicreference package for a good way to make back-references to Python references.

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