Bernd Dorn wrote:

On 14.07.2006, at 10:01, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:

Hi everybody,

in my quest of looking for a Master/Slave forms solution (as I talked in a previous message) I have found the z3c.multiform[1] package in the Zope subversion repository[2]

I think it's pretty close to what I'm trying to do so I was very happy to find it. My next (inmediate) question was: what license does this nice piece of code have? But I couldn't find a LICENSE or COPYING file inside that directory.

Do all the code in has the same license (the zope license) ? If not, what license has this z3c.multiform package?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I tried to find de answer before :-(

Best regards,

Lorenzo Gil

Hi Lorenzo

It is under ZPL, i added a license header in

Be aware that the api may change, that's the reason why the folder is called Sandbox.

No problem about that. I'm still in the research phase of my project.

Thanks a lot for this package!!


regards, Bernd


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