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Benji York wrote:
David Pratt wrote:
You are probably right but just the same I'd rather see the patched version for z3 also since I am certain this will become less obvious over time if it is left the way it is.
Instead of maintaining a fork of docutils, Zope 3 should (and may already, I haven't been keeping up with this issue) include tests to make sure we're using docutils appropriately. Best of both worlds: we have continued assurance we don't regress, and we don't have to maintain a fork/patches.

Hi Benji. Fair enough. What about the idea of maintaining a text file in the distribution specific to possible security issues. Is this worth considering for historical purposes so they do not get lost over time or implicitly understood by only a handful of people. Many thanks.

Docutils already provides such a document. It's there documenation. Whoever made reST available TTW didn't read it. Providing another document that people won't read won't help the situation. Whenever we reuse 3rd-party code or write, we need be aware of security issues.


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