If I'm not wrong, the same applies to Z3 and apache. So yes, RTFM does
apply. But since, for me at least, the docs aren't clear, and would
require more reading from different places, i think it's excusable. :)

NameVirtualHost localhost:8080 # The ZServer process's port
<VirtualHost localhost:8080>
    Servername localhost
    DocumentRoot /absolute/path/to/apache2/htdocs
    ErrorLog var/apache2/log/zope.log
    CustomLog var/apache2/log/zope.log common
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteLog var/apache2/log/rewrites.log
    RewriteLogLevel 0
    RewriteRule ^/zope(/?.*) http://localhost:8080/$1 [P,L]

You would get rid of DocumentRoot.
Also, the RewriteRule looks funny. This site should provide you a good
direction. http://betabug.ch/zope/witch :)


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