On 8/14/06, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Monday 14 August 2006 01:00, Jeff Shell wrote:
> If things slow down... uhm, ever... for us, I'd like to see if I can
> get us to open up some of the more generic toolkits we've built up in
> recent months, as they've been very empowering.

You should really do this as you code. Not only do you help out the
community, but also yourself, since people will be using the code and
make enhancements and help maintaining the code. Further, we are all
not duplicating the same stuff.

A lot of these are difficult to extract from customer libraries or
dependencies on toolkits (also built up internally) that we may not
really have license to re-distribute. I know it's probably possible to
extricate all of these, but it requires time which is a precious
precious precious resource around here lately.

I really admire people who share their work because there is a lot of
work involved, at least in the initial sharing.

Lovely Systems, Roger and I have all been in agreement to publish generic
components as we go; if you are subscribed to all check-in messages, you
probably saw already a bunch of packages landing in the z3c and lovely
namespace. We have tasks setup for this week to open/publish even more
packages and extensions.

Heh. This past weekend was the first time I actually even got to look
in the direction of the zope3-dev and zope3-users lists in two or
three months! And those are the only Zope lists I'm subscribed to.
Somwhere between working, walking the dog, and sleeping, my life has
disappeared. :\

Jeff Shell
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