On 8/17/06, Florian Lindner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have a zope.app.preference.preference.PreferenceGroup based on an
IUserSettings interface for which I want to generate an edit form.
I've tried to do it with a class based on EditForm but that does not worked
for me since the EditFrom changes the self.context object. If I simply
replace self.context by the object I got from UserPreferences it complains
about PreferenceGroup being not adaptable to IUserSettings (and it's right
about that).

Sounds like you want to create an adapter.  The adapter is what's used
for getting/setting values.

Of course I need to initialize the from with the values from the the
PreferenceGroup object. Is there a better way than modifying the request like
request.form['form.max_size'] for each field? I couldn't find one in the
documentation but I'm almost sure there is a more elegant solution (since
it's Zope!).

Did you look at the get_rendered argument to
zope.formlib.form.FormField?  Though I suspect the adapter I suggested
above would do the trick.


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