I must be misunderstanding something with zope.app.authentication and
using the classes directly as contained in that package.

I have a PluggableAuthentication utility, registered, with GroupFolder
and PrincipalFolder authenticator plugins. I have GroupInformations for
groups in the group folder and InternalPrincipals for principals in
principal folder.

I have added principals to groups. All good, everything looks ok. But
the principals do not 'inherit' the permissions assigned to the group
(using PrincipalPermissionManager) they have been added to.

I can get the groups for the principal easy enough:

        context = principal
        pau = zapi.getUtility(IAuthentication)
        members = pau['members']
        principalid = pau.prefix + members.prefix + context.login
        groups = groupfolder.getGroupsForPrincipal(principalid)

So it 'appears' to me that the security looks up the groups differently?
Or have I missed something?

Best regards, confused (as often is the case).

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