Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Behrang Dadsetan wrote:
Hi Philipp,
Your reply made me discover the fact that contains
so many third-party packages.
Is there any page that gives a minimal description to each of these
packages? Like an overview maybe even in the same format
than <> but instead of the last
comment checked-in, a two-liner describing the package?

Unfortunately not, but there are plans to build such a site. For now,
perhaps [1] can give you more pointers.

Zope 3 has a really good culture of low-level documentation, too. Each of these packages has a README.txt or similar .txt file that is a working (hopefully) DocTest and background documentation on how it is to be used.

To see the "big picture" of Zope 3, though, look at Philipp's website, which has a few "Appetizers" to get you going. I can highly recommend his book as well.


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