On 9/1/06, Sreeram Raghav <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Since is Zope3 is still new and not much documentation exists on
certain topic, i have decided to compile a small, HOWTO on the top of
indexing and searching of PDF files in Zope3. I have been working on

Thanks for sharing!

More of the work needed to support indexing of various document types
has been done at this point.  It's worth trying out zope.mimetype +
zope.file + zc.index, all independent projects in the svn.zope.org

The indexing support is located in the zc.index package; it includes
support for PDF, RTF,  MS Word, OpenDocument, and plain text.

I don't know if anyone beyond ZC is using these packages at this time.
We'd welcome comments and improvements.


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