Hi all,

(This is about : http://kpug.zwiki.org/Zope3Distilled)

       I thought just to write an `update 2` of book progress.
There was a number of edits in last few days.  Please continue
your edits.  Some of you edited as `anonymous`, but I think it is better
to login and edit pages.  Anyway, if you want to be anonymous, please
continue like that.

There was some discussion about the book in irc [1].  This book
will be moved to new zope.org later. Philip asked me about the goal of this book
and this was my reply: "An online up-to-date comprehensive guide to Zope 3
maintained as a wiki book by community"

I have changed the order of chapters, any suggestions?

[1] http://zope3.pov.lt/irclogs/%23zope3-dev.2006-08-31.log.html

Baiju M
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