Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 27 July 2006 05:17, Carlo Cardelli wrote:

- how do I get all my Customers instances? The Customer class is marked
as 'Persistent' and 'IContentType'.

You have several choices:

1. Register your customer object as a utility and then do utility lookups. In this case you can reuse code in 2. You probably have a convention where to find customers, like a "CustomerContainer". You can setup your application to easily look up this container to get the entries.

Thank you for your answer. In the meantime I made some progress with containers. In your opinion, which of these 2 options suits best for a large number of objects (say, about 100,000 customers)? About vocabularies: In another post you say you'd rather use them instead of sources. As far as I can see, queryable sources seem the main choice for management of large collections. Example: a user wants to browse a list of all Customers beginning with "a"; I cannot fill the HTML page with about 5000 entries, but have to manage "chunks" of objects in some way. Hence a queryable object is needed.
Am I wrong? Is there a way to tweak vocabularies to support such cases?
Could anyone provide an example of a similar implementation? Note that I have to use a Relational db, so if I understand well I cannot use catalogs or similar.

A somewhat derived question:
- Given a certain Invoice, how do I use the 'reference' to the Customer
Object to access the Customer of the Invoice?

Re-reading this now, this was really a silly question...

Thank you again.

Carlo Cardelli.

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