Martin Aspeli wrote:
FB-5 wrote:
my employer want to have all external links marked with a small icon
anonymous users from the internet that everything behind given links is
beyond our responsibility.
Why not use a piece of javascript to do this? See the linkpopper
product on for a way to process all links in a page and
process them. That product makes external links open in a new window,
but the code should be easy to alter.
Thank you for the hint.

But there are several reasons for not using JS:
   * One of the constraints of that site is javascript being optional.
     Problem ist: marked links are mandatory - they have to be marked
     even with javascript turned off.
   * I'd like to have a tag-postprocessing namespace for some other
     reasons, too - e.g. for a printing-view that automatically creates
     a list of links at the end of the page.

"Post processing" literally screams WSGI middleware to me.

   * I'd like to know, how to make a new pagetemplate namespace :-).

Be open minded, Frank :). I think you really just want a more convenient spelling for generating URLs -- which is absolutely

It's fairly annoying to have to change every view that may or may not parse
links, though. Think also about the case when links are coming from HTML
(possibly transformed from some other format?) inside some content object
rendered via a view.

Look at zope.contentprovider, though. It sets up the provider: namespace.
It's fairly simple.

That's a new TALES expression type. It's not what Frank originally wants (he wants a custom tal/metal/i18n like namespace for PageTemplates which is nearly impossible -- and unnecessary). But the pointer to the zope.contentprovider package is good indeed because in my earlier reply I suggested to write a custom TALES expression type and the zope.contentprovider package sets one up.


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