On 9/10/06, Christophe Combelles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
First, thanks to all the z3-experienced people who answer beginners' questions
here, and particularly to Stephan Richter who answered my own ones.

I have added his answers on the kpug wiki. May I suggest that all people asking
something on the list also spend a few minutes to copy-paste their
questions/answers on the wiki too?
(I chose this one because it seemed the most recent, but feel free to propose
and to fill another one).

This would probably avoid the same questions to be asked several times on the
list (I realized too late that my question about the workflow had been asked at
least twice before), and will help people to find recurrent and fresh
information about z3.

Thanks for bringing up this to list.  Anyone can edit this ZWiki :

The format is ReStructuredText.

Baiju M
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