Philipp von Weitershausen a écrit :
Sébastien VINOT wrote:
Is it possible to associate a class with a skin template ?

Sure, but it won't help.

Sorry but why will it not help me ?

I tried to "customize" an example (from chap 24 "Zope3") but
unfortunately even if my zcml is read with no errors, the final view
used is the one associated with my component.

Right, because when a ZPT uses a skin macro, the raw macro "byte code" is inserted into the the ZPT. That means all TALES variables are bound to the actual view, not the skin.

Okay, but (stop me if I'm wrong) a template can be associated to a class. I took your example 8.2.4 (chapter 8.2 Page Template macros) and thought the view class was "StandardMacros".

Is there a way to do this ?

Define a view class for * that you will query from the macro, e.g. context/@@myhelperview/foo.


I added (just for test) a function foo into your StandardMacros and added into my skin template :
<metal:macro use-macro="context/@@StandardMacros/foo" />

And I get : TypeError: unsubscriptable object

(StandardMacros has your configuration).

Does my understand of your suggestion wrong ?


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