Stephan Richter wrote:

> ... or something like that. I did not investigate further. Then I changed
> the registration to:
>   <browser:page
>     for=""
>     name="viewlet.html"
>     template=""
>     permission="zope.View"/>

hmm... I put some debug strings in ViewletManagerBase.__init__ and if I
registered the page for IFile: it works as you said, and I get following
lines on the console:

context =  < object at 0xb585fe2c> 
view =  <
from /home/luis/src/z/src/test/ object at 0xb58cffec>

If I switch it back to for="*", then I get this output:

context =  < object at 0xb5774b0c> 
view =  <
from /home/luis/src/z/src/test/ object at 0xb5774c6c>

so the context passed from the "page object" to the viewlet manager is wrong
(seems wrong to me) and the adapter look-up fails

can you give me a hint why this viewmeta is my context with this kind of
page registration?


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