Hello list,

As the title says I am somewhat confused by the skinning system in Zope3. I
am following the example in "Web Component" (great book by the way) and at
the time creating another app along the same lines. Now I set up both skins
for each package and I _expected_ that each would pick up its own skin. So
a recipe object would show with the worldcookery skin and my app would show
with its skin (zsoc). Instead it seems that:

a) skins are applied globally and not locally to the packages that own them;

b) skins are not *picked up* unless directly referenced in the URL.

Somehow that does not feel *natural*. Am I missing something?

There's always a chance that I don't have the macros right, but I did copy
worldcookery/browser/skin, just to make sure I made no mistakes.

Thanks in advance

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