Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Utilities are never created when they're looked up. They're created when registered. Singletons (instances) are registered with the utility registry, never factories.

Ah, yes, of course, I think I'm looking for local utilities...

and all I'm then doing with the list is generating a drop-down for people to select from...

getUtilitiesFor is all we have. If you want that drop-down, consider using UtilityVocabulary from, e.g.:

 class FooUtilityNames(UtilityVocabulary):
     interface = IFoo
     nameOnly = True

Register that as a utility:

  <utility component="...FooUtilityNames" name="Foo Utilities"/>

Then you can refer to it from a schema definition (Choice field).

Hmm, okay, how have the UI's for the creation of local utilities been built? (I'm thinking there must be some kind of drop-down somewhere with an "Add list" as in Zope 2's ZMI, and that must include the available types of local utility?)

Also, more theoretically, would you see indexes for a catalog as being local utilities. If not, what would you see them as being?



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