George Lee wrote:
I am trying to write a test for a view, and making sure that an object I've
created is associated with the correct view. But either of these lines fails
with a ComponentLookupError "Couldn't find view":

view = getView(self.event1, 'daterange_display', self.request)
view = getViewProviding(self.event1, IDateRangeDisplay, self.request)

Use getMultiAdapter. These things are deprecated.

even though in a page template that I view through the web,


retrieves the correct view. What am I doing incorrectly?

Well, is the test a functional test? Only functional tests have all the configuration loaded. Otherwise you'll have to register the view first before you can test its lookup.

By the way, testing views is best done with zope.testbrowser these days.

Thanks -- I know I've asked a flood of questions today!

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