thank you Chris,

at least you've answered ...

but yesterday i've spent all my day to figure out how the hurry.query works 
without success - may be that was the reason if i was a little bit ironic - 
sorry for that

unfortunatelly i don't know too much about zope, but i would like to learn its 
i really don't know how to raise my question in a different way, i think i was 
specific enough

i'm still waiting for a hint ...

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On 26/09/2006 at 11:00 Chris Withers wrote:

>Ivan Horvath wrote:
>> Is there anybody out there?
>> why haven't i received any answer?
>Because no one understood the question, or maybe no one knew the answer,
>or just maybe nobody had time or nobody felt like it...
>> i thought this list is to raise question if i don't know something,
>Sure :-)
>> and i need some help to continue my work with Zope3
>That's okay, but this is a volunteer list, if you need stuff to be done
>and you're not getting answers, hire a Zope 3 consultant...
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