Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

What happened to Tools? ``? I'm not
even sure what tools were,

We weren't either ;) so we got rid of them.

From the PSU Time Machine Black Box:

Philipp - Hey guys, what's this browser tool stuff?

Martijn - I don't know, isn't that something Tres invented?

Philipp - No, dude, this is in Zope 3

Martijn - Aha.

Philipp - Let's ask Jim. Jim?

Jim - Yeah?

Philipp - What is this browser.tool stuff?

Jim - We can probably get rid of that

Philipp - Okay, I'll refactor it out of, deprecate the ZML, simplify it using a base class, have some sushi, bike across China and write about it in my new book. It'll be great! :)

With apologies to Martijn and PSU.


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