the /++apidoc++ is the main and greatest source of documentation for the zope 3 API, but sometimes I spend a lot of time to find something. So I have 3 questions:

Take an example: Say I've heard about the function getMultiAdapter, and I want to know how to use it. So I first go to the apidoc and:

1) if I don't know which component this function is part of, how do I quickly find it?

Then I find two code examples calling it, one from zope.component.getMultiAdapter, and the other from zope.app.zapi.getMultiAdapter

2) How can I know which one to use, and whether they're identical or not?

To be sure, I go to the Code Browser: I click on "zope", then on "component". Here, nothing that looks like getMultiAdapter. I guess this function is defined in an interface, so I click on "interfaces" and I find at least 15 interfaces. After 5 more minutes, I finally find the function in IComponentArchitecture.

I do the same for zope.app.zapi but this time it's easier since there is only one interface zope.app.zapi.interfaces.IZAPI in which I can find the wanted getMultiAdapter function.

Another more difficult example: zope.schema.getFields().
When you go to zope->schema->interfaces, there are 57 entries. Where is getFields()? And is it related to zope.app.apidoc.interface.getFields() ?

So my last question is:

3) How can I quickly find  zope.something.example.function in the doc ?


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