At 12:14 PM 10/9/2006, Stephan Richter wrote:
On Sunday 08 October 2006 09:06, Christophe Combelles wrote:
> Hi,
> the /++apidoc++ is the main and greatest source of documentation for the
> zope 3 API, but sometimes I spend a lot of time to find something. So I
> have 3 questions:
> Take an example: Say I've heard about the function getMultiAdapter, and I
> want to know how to use it. So I first go to the apidoc and:
> 1) if I don't know which component this function is part of, how do I
> quickly find it?

You can't at the moment. There is no generic search feature at this point.
Actually you can easily search for packages, modules, and classes using the
Code Browser, but not functions and methods. Maybe we should create an
efficient index to search these things too? I would be happy for a detailed
proposal of the features users would like to see for the code browser.

Perhaps Google's new code searching will be some help getting started?

Certainly there should be ways to narrow this down more effectively, say limiting search to a specific body of code (which I have not done).

I've not explored much yet, but already with this Google tool I have found several cases where other people are publishing modified versions of software that I had originated that I had no idea were out there. Not that I needed to know, but it is interesting to find when someone likes what you've done enough to push it toward new limits.

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