Jegenye 2001 Bt (Miklós Prisznyák) wrote:
2006/10/11, FB <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>:

    Maybe. I wrote a script which creates a new application but I don't
    know, if
    it's still working with a current Zope release.

    I've not used it for a long time. There are no warranties but feel
    free to try.

    <flamewar_start_reason tal:content="It's written in Perl :-)" />

Yeah, that's blasphemy indeed! :D Hopefully a more generic tool, a la ArcheGenXML, will emerge for Zope 3.

I've seen a few people suggest tools like that for Zope 3. I generally think it's a good idea. However, "us core developers" usually prefer our emacs/vi/... And our efforts are currently geared towards making Zope 3 simpler to get started with -- without any special tools (sprint coming up this weekend).

So let me be clear and use my ever so famous German bluntness: don't expect anything IDE/GUI-ish from "us" any time soon. This is open source, the best way to ensure something will be done is to start the initiative yourselves. I think there are enough GUI-mavens in the Zope 3 community now to have enough momentum to actually produce something like that.

Shane Hathaway tried a while back with a ZCML GUI editor ( but he gave up. There was also an effort to extend AGX so that it can spit out Zope3-style code. I think that effort has been stalled, too. BUT: times have changed since then. Lots of people want these things. So I can only encourage you guys to get to together and think about what you want to produce.


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