Maciej Wisniowski escribiĆ³:

I'd like to see a plugin that stores that information in a session, that way the plugin could be used with zc.winauth or any other credential mechanism.
I know nothing about PAU architecture... yet ;) If you, or some other PAU experts, could give some suggestions how to wire such a thing with zc.winauth and PAU, I would be grateful
You may want to take a look at CAS plugin for PAS in
Zope2 (I think PAS is similiar to PAU) or maybe there
already is CAS plugin for PAU.
CAS plugin, after initial authentication in external
server, stores this information in session so further
requests don't have to create any background

Pozdrowienia ;)
I digged through google and found many things called CAS or similar... did you mean this: ?

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