I'm new to Zope but I've been programming for 25+ years.  I've read Weitershausen's book and I'm 10 chapters into the Zope 3 developer's handbook.  I'm struck by its statement that beginners find ZCML hard.  That is true for me too.

I keep reading and reading instead of doing which is not like me.   I perceive ZCML as bag of magic.  By that I mean that usually I can clearly define a starting point and an ending point and a hazy path between the two and I set off about my way.  But with Zope 3, I do not have the starting point and so I do not have the hazy path.  Each directive seems unique to the particular example in the book.  I'm unable, for some reason, to step back and see how ZCML is generally applied.  I'm not sure if it is me or the books or what. 

I'm wondering if others are or have been in my situation.  If so, can you offer any advise or particular things to read that will help me out.

Perry Smith
Ease Software, Inc.

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