On 10/16/06, Oliver Petznick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
i'm trying to overwrite the DateWidget so the user can select day/
month/year out of 3 dropdowns. my problem is that zope searches for
'form.field' and not for 'form.field.day' and so on.. so i get the
"no input" error..  how i can solve this? is there a method which i
can overwrite?

That's entirely a function of the widget itself.  Instead of hacking
up the existing widget, you'll need to create an entirely new widget.

Or, you might be interested in zc.datetimewidget, available in the
Zope Subversion repository:


This provides a JavaScript-based widget with a little calendar to pick
dates from.  Both date and date/time variants are provided.


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