What is the state of various relationship / link managers for Zope 3?
A year ago we banged out a quick idea that used Int IDs to track links
(mostly to generate in-site URLs) to target objects. And then we ended
up copying and pasting the code across a lot of projects. I'm wanting
to clean that up by, perhaps, implementing a widget. But I'm wondering
if there's a better way to track references to targets.

A source object might be a banner ad or promo button with a link to
some other internal object like a page with more details.

For one customer I made a Schema field and a Property that used
schoolbell.relationship (probably from a quite old version of
Schoolbell) but made it basically as easy to use as what I could
figure out from zope.agxassociation, which doesn't appear to be
finished. Basically I generated the Triple that
schoolbell.relationship requires automatically using interface/field
names to make the URI. (I don't think in RDF, so I wanted that aspect
to be as invisible as possible). I don't know whether I should reuse
what I made there, or if there were some other viable options.

Basically, I would like there to be a way that I can easily query an
object to see if there are any links pointing in its direction so that
I could handle a "Delete" operation. IE - "Deleting the Summer Sale
page will break the following items: (1. Summer Sale Promo, 2. Summer
Sale Newsletter Banner). Do you want to delete those as well?" .. or
something like that. It's a bit beyond the scope of my current
project, but is something I'd like to get back to.

I see there's a `zc.extrinsicreference` in the
repository. Is that in a usable state?

Jeff Shell
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