Rob J Goedman wrote:
In trying to work through the PvW book, I get stuck in chapter 7, 2nd part, where the javascript/widgets are being introduced. After switching to SequenceWidget, I get to the same behavior/error as in below email but have not been able to find a reply on this email.

I've tried both Zope-3.2.2 and Zope-3.3.0 with Python 2.4.3 on Mac OS 10.4.8. I can't get Zope3.x.x to build/work with Python-2.5.

Right, Python 2.5 is NOT supported yet.

1) Zope catches an exception in Right now I am ignoring this. ( Object: < object at 0x2a381b0>, name: u'favicon.ico' )

That's just your standard 404 for favicon.ico because IE is looking for that. It can indeed be ignored.

2) The errata for the PvW book does suggest a fix (for Zope-3.2 at least, defining def __init__), but that does not help.

Doesn't help how? Please give detailed error descriptions. The errata fix works here (and reportedly works for all my readers who applied it), so I suspect a problem on your end.


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