Daniel M escribió:
Hello, I'm new to Zope, and using Zope 3.3. I have managed to get a
simple site running.

I am having trouble getting the web interface to let me edit an object
that contains a list, where the type of values in the list, is an
interface that also holds a list.  I can’t get this “list inside a list”
setup to work correctly.

In my example, I have a Person object that contains a list of PersonInfo
objects, where each PersonInfo contains a list of names.
Do I understand correctly that for each person you want to store a list of PersonInfos (say, his/her friends)? I suggest considering to make IPerson/Person a descendant of IContainer/BTreeContainer type and remove the_list attribute. Also maybe the same should be done for IPersonInfo/PersonInfo

If you want to stick to your current design - I think (but not sure) you should use CustomSequenceWidgetFactory (or CustomWidgetFactory?) to create a widget for your object.

I would change your code a bit, compare to your one (of course I did not check if it works, just a concept - no warranty ;) )
class IPersonInfo(interface.Interface):
    names = schema.List(

class IPerson(IContainer):
    ID = schema.TextLine(
        description=u'Persons ID code')


class PersonInfo(persistent.Persistent): interface.implements(IPersonInfo)
    def __init__(self):
        self.names = persistent.list.PersistentList()

class Person(BTreeContainer):     # or OrderedContainer if you want to be able 
to preserve items' order
ID = "1-2-3" def __init__(self):
        super(Person,self).__init__() #it's important to call BTreeContainer 

configure.zcml doesn’t do anything unusual, it sets up the views to use
my custom widgets and sets up the edit views and security.
Regards and thanks for your help!
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