On Oct 24, 2006, at 8:41 AM, Peter Bengtsson wrote:

Which one should I use for my new zope 3 site?
z3c.zrtresource or zc.resourcelibrary?

I don't understand the difference between them and I don't have hours to spare on evaluating both.

I'm sure they do different things and do them differently well.
My aim to be able to smoothly define css, images, js without too much magic for my one and only skin.

It sounds like you may just want the standard Zope 3 resourcedirectory: just makes JS, CSS, images, et al available.

z3c.zrtresource: a way to write dynamic css and js files. For instance, you have a css file that wants to refer to an image served by Zope, taking virtual hosting into account. Particularly suitable for situations when you are working with a shop that has a separate design team. Of course, can be effectively used in other environments as well.

zc.resourcelibrary: a resourcedirectory-based tool to define and use resources with dependencies. For instance, one part of your assembled page, like a widget, needs MochiKit; another part, maybe a widget, needs a custom library that uses MochiKit; and another part needs a second custom library that depends on MochiKit.New, that itself depends on MochiKit; all three are assembled dynamically, and need to put JS/CSS code in the head, preferably without duplication, and in the right order.

It might be nice to have zc.resourcelibrary be able to somehow serve z3c.zrtresource files too...it doesn't right now. FWIW, right now in lieu of zrtresource I just use <script ... tal:content="string:
/* ... JS that specifies dynamic variables and calls ... */
"></script>. Simple, and encourages delineation between library and usage; but a bit hacky, and unfriendly to designers.

Other JS-related bits to know about (you'll have to do your own reading sometime :-): http://zif.hill-street.net/headincludes (WSGI variation on resourcelibrary), http://zif.hill-street.net/gzipper/ (WSGI, gzips all output for smaller browser page sizes), http:// zif.hill-street.net/jsmin/ (WSGI, compresses JS for smaller browser page sizes), and http://svn.zope.org/z3c.javascript/ (resourcelibrary- aware collection of mochikit, dojo, et al).

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