Am Samstag, 28. Oktober 2006 01:18 schrieb KLEIN Stéphane:
> Hi,
> I've one zope3 instance in : ~/zope/instance/2/
> When I do :
> cd ~/zope/instance/2/bin
> ./static-apidoc -d ~/zope/doc/
> I've this error :

> What is my mistake ? How can I use static-apidoc script ?

At the moment you can't really use it. It's broken. I've lately done some work 
at it but were not able to fix it entirely.

You should get this: (with the SVN trunk)

horus bin # ./static-apidoc -d /home/florian/z3-doc/
INFO: PublisherBrowser is broken. Please use OnlineBrowser instead 

with the webserver option:

horus bin # ./static-apidoc --webserver -d /home/florian/z3-doc/
INFO: Starting retrieval.

it should work. Don't forget to set username and password and a zope instance 
needs to be running. The scripts runs fine (when I tried it the last time) 
but the generated HTML pages are not changed from dynamic to static apidoc 
entirely and therefore not really work.


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