Rob J Goedman wrote:
Thanks Jim,

I had gotten to the following point (although you have now shown
me a better way to get there, I was using FileStorage):

<ZODB.DB.DB object at 0x137e910>
{'Application': < object at 0x1377d70>, '': <persistent.dict.PersistentDict object at 0x1377db0>}
< object at 0x1377d70>
<OOBTreeItems object at 0x1386228>

print f1[0].keys()[1]
    Rob's buddies
print f1[0].values()[1]
    <buddydemo.buddy.BuddyFolder object at 0x1377f30>
print f1[0].values()[1].__getitem__
<bound method BuddyFolder.__getitem__ of <buddydemo.buddy.BuddyFolder object at 0x1377f30>>

I don't know what to make of the above without any context.
That's fine, because I don't really have time to study any specifics.

This is where I get stuck. Been going over the sources to figure out how to iterate over these.

Understand that this has nothing to do with ZODB.  Whatever
application objects you use provide whatever api they do
indepenent of ZODB.


I did notice since I did this, bin/runzope acts differently (on this Zope/ZODB?).

Differently than what? In any case, I suggested that you use zopectl.
runzope is an internal implementation detail of zopectl.

> I created a new instance in 121
and transferred all applications and the new instance works fine:

Robs-Laptop:~/Projects/Zope/Zope3/One2One rob$ cd ../121/
Robs-Laptop:~/Projects/Zope/Zope3/121 rob$ runzope
2006-10-27T14:45:57 INFO root -- HTTP:localhost:9090 Server started.
        Hostname: localhost
        Port: 9090
2006-10-27T14:45:57 INFO root Startup time: 9.072 sec real, 8.710 sec CPU

But the old instance in One2One now just seem to test:

Robs-Laptop:~/Projects/Zope/Zope3/121 rob$ cd ../One2One/
Robs-Laptop:~/Projects/Zope/Zope3/One2One rob$ runzope
2006-10-27T14:47:56 WARNING root Developer mode is enabled: this is a security risk and should NOT be enabled on production servers. Developer mode can be turned off in etc/zope.conf
Total: 0 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors
Robs-Laptop:~/Projects/Zope/Zope3/One2One rob$

Any idea what causes this?

No, I have no context to begin to understand it. I don't know what
121 and One2One are.


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